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Eddie Hall, 31, is kown for being a world record deadlift holder under strongman rules - something which he achieved in His personal best stands at a deadlift of kg - which equates to 79 stone.

Following the impressive win, Eddie announced he would retire from the strongman competition and return to lower-weight contests - having expressed health-related concerns.

Realising his weight could lead to serious health problems, following his retirement from the competition, the strongman launched his own weight loss journey. Now, Eddie has exclusively spoken to Express. To lose a load of body weight, get fit, get healthy, and basically I just jiggled by diet around. So, how did the athlete achieve his weight loss goals? It seems cutting down on the amount of carbohydrate-rich foods he was eating played a significant part.

Eddie altered his fitness plan too - although his weight training remains almost the same as before. And, it seems his efforts have paid off as Eddie has lost six stone - now weighing around 26 stone. The star was speaking ahead of the launch of the new History Channel show Knight Fight - which sees six competitors battle with axes, swords, shields and spears, all the while wearing more than 36 kgs of armour.

Giving battling in armour a go himself, Eddie considered how the experience differed to that of his time competing in strongman competitions. Knight Fight is also available on demand. Eddie Hall. View this post on Instagram. Play slideshow. Natalie Cassidy shows off her slim figure at the Soap Awards in Eddie Hall, the World's Strongest Man, must really be on task with a New Year's resolution as he's gone and shed 25kg of body fat - and the drop is very clear in the pictures.

Eddie Hall weight loss diet plan: Strongman lost six stone after cutting out one food

Carrying extra weight is expected when you take part in a sport that is renowned for raw power and sheer size, but even with this in mind it hasn't stopped the British strongman from undergoing an amazing transformation.

In his career, Eddie has stamped out some seriously impressive competition such as Brian Shaw and Zydrunas Savickas in order to take last year's win of the world title.

Hall can lift an impressive kg log press as his 'easy reps' and can throw 60kg dumbbells like they're paper airplanes. Along with his title as World's Strongest Man, he also broke a record when he managed to complete a kg deadlift. At that point in his career Hall weighed kg, but over the last few months he's been determined to shed some excess fat. In order to drop the 25kg he's followed a strict diet and exercise routine, he used a combination of resistance training and HIIT cardio - there was definitely no fad diets or tricks for Hall.

But if you think of cardio and think endless miles on the treadmillHall showed it needn't be monotonous - he varied his cardio exercises by taking part in boxing, cyclingswimming and a mixture of HIIT variations to keep training interesting.

eddie hall height

Basically, he's proof everyone can find a form of cardio they like. Although by shedding 25kg Hall has risked losing a plate or two off the bar, weightlifting still forms the basis of Hall's programme. From one champion to another World's Strongest Man Big Love.

The Beast. Outside of work Rachael loves plenty of coffee, running and reading. Follow RachaelGrealish.Former World's Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall isn't afraid of taking his workouts to some extreme places.

This year alone, he completed the extremely ill-advised feat of lifting a kettlebell with his penis and ballsand then just weeks later pushed his leg day in the gym so hard that he lost consciousness and soiled himself. But even the strongman has his limits. In a recent interview with British newspaper the MirrorHall revealed the wince-inducing, "worst ever" injury that he sustained in the gym.

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You're going to want to go ahead and cross your legs before reading this. I nearly bled to death.

How tall is Eddie Hall

I just lifted them off, drove myself to hospital and got stitched up. I was back training soon enough. Hall is well aware of the various dangers that come with being at the height of your sport, and explained that he takes every precaution to take care of himself penis injuries aside. I was 32 stone when I won it. But marathon runners die, footballers drop dead, any sports come with a risk.

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eddie hall height

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More From Fitness.Eddie Hall is an English former professional strongman and weightlifter who was born and raised in Stoke-on-Tent, England. Additionally, he is notably known for being the world record dead-lift holder, lifting kg -1, lb- under strongman rules Hall celebrates his birthday every January 15th of every year.

He turns 33 years old on January 15th, Hall underwent a massive weight loss program which has inspired many people to stay fit and healthy. Within a year, he slimmed down by five stones, from around 30 stones. In during the championship, he weighed kg.

However, after the massive weight loss, he weighs only kg in Still, inhe weighs kg. Cardio in the form of HIIT: using boxing, cycling, swimming and general circuit training. Also, he does weight training four times a week.

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Recently, on March 18th,they were having a trip to Melbourne with his father. However, due to the Corona lockdown, Eddie and his father were forced to go back home.

Additionally, this resulted in them mortgaging their houses. He married his wife Alexandra Hall; together they have a son Max Hall. Their wedding was legalized in His wife Alexandra is the owner and manager at Bobos Barbers.

He is the current ambassador for sports nutrition brand Protein Dynamix now. As a young teenager, Hall was a successful competitive swimmer and rugby union player attending Clayton High School.

However, he was expelled from school in his older teenage years. The strongman would train and compete in bodybuilding competitions. Eventually, he enrolled for the strongman circuit, having done a strongman competition at the Iceman gym in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

InDave Meer, a strongman from Tamworth, Staffordshire got an injury forcing him to drop out of the England championships organized by Elite Strongman. Dave Meer arranged for Hall to replace him for the competition title. Due to his weight lifting capabilities, Hall won on his first attempt by half a point making it to the finals.

He finished at the number one position in the competition held in Belfast. Ken Nowicki being the runners up and Rich Smith in the 3rd position. In MarchThe strongman was the award winner of the world record for lifting the weight of kg 1, lb; This was in the deadlift competition at the Arnold Classic in Australia. The actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was present to cheer him on as he competed. Hall broke his own record at the World Deadlift Championshipswith a kg 1, lb; Hall has authored four books.

Eddie Hall – The “Beast” who lost 25 kilos !

The books are mainly on the gym, exercises, and how he became a strongman. The books are:. It was titled Eddie: Strongman. The feature film follows Hall for two years of his life as he strives to become the strongest man in the world. Hall was the first man in history to lift kgs which made him pass out immediately after. His idea was to return to lower-weight competitions after expressing health-related concerns.

Eddie Hall is an accomplished former professional strongman and weightlifter who has gained vast recognition for deadlifting challenges and weight lifting.It has taken me across the globe, and allowed me to meet some truly remarkable people.

As a showman, I love meeting people, love entertaining and love being in the spotlight. But I also love slipping back into normality and spending time with my beautiful family. People now talk of me as an inspiration, and I hope my story will help others see what can be achieved through dedication and hard work. There are plenty more chapters to be written in my story, and I would like you to be part of them. My website is where you can catch up with all things Eddie and I can catch up with you.

Email address:. Deadlift World Record Holder. I am the World's Strongest Man. The number one. Here are some of my personal records. Two of which are World Records. Basket Checkout. Skip to content. Subscribe to the Eddie Hall Newsletter Email address:. Shop Now!!! Eddie Hall. Happy New Year! A Christmas and New Year message from Eddie. When I set out down this road, my main vision was to become known as the strongest man on earth.

Eddie stars in new prime-time reality show. OK, I've done some strange things and been in some strange places in my time.Today makes his return with another great achievement as he has managed to lose 25 kilos! It would be better if we find a little more about him and how he arrived at this new fantastic achievement….

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Eddie Hall, in the Elite Strongman Championship, won a half point … in his first participation! Eddie Hall managed to take the 8th place among these experienced finalists.

Eddie Hall took the position of injured Katona and took 8th place in the competition. Finally, in July he scores another world record by picking up half a ton kilos and making the round of the world again in all media.

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While having a body weight of kilos, Eddie Hall, decided to cut down his weight. This was not an easy decision, especially for an athlete like Eddie Hall who was used to eating many large meals during the day.

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Just one portion for Eddie Hall was grams of rice with 1 kilo of chicken! Despite the difficulties he faced, the world champion, managed once more to achieve his goal! However, Eddie Hall, with a height of 1. A monster of such a body did not follow such training for a long time. The strongest man in the world eventually turned out to be the most determined man in the world, having managed to achieve the difficult goal he had set himself.

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If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.In his fellow Staffordshire competitor, Dave Meer, had to drop out of the England Championships organized by Elite Strongman because of injury.

eddie hall height

Meer arranged for Hall to take his place which led to Hall making it into the finals, which he won on his first attempt by half a point. Hall placed fourth in his first taste of international competition. Hall finished in a respectable eighth place.

eddie hall height

However, he was given a second chance when Ervin Katona was forced to retire due to injury. Hall competed in his place and came in eighth place. Breaking his own world record of an eye-watering kg BarBend : First question: If you had to be stuck on a desert island with one strongman, who would it be?

What do you plan on doing next, are you training for anything in particular? And I want to potentially add to the deadlift world record.

I basically got that for a few days, I had a really bad concussion, memory loss, bleeding out of every hole in the body. And you want to go through all that again? For the full interview click here. Have you heard of arc blindness?

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